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Tuesday   4:30-6pm  @ Spectrum School
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Tuesday   4:30-6pm  @ Lansdowne south field
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Wednesday  4:30-6pm  @ Spectrum School
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Sunday 10:30AM-12noon @ Hampton park cage field
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Please contact 778 533 2848 or jpsportsclinic@gmail.com
​Any question and arrangement for lesson are welcome!!

1 Session $20 per player

New coach profile 新しいコーチが就任致しました!

Takayuki Arai 新井 貴之

Coach Experience 

Instructed soccer player from kindergartens to pro players
Oversaw (Head coach) U16,15,14 team (J league club) and National Sports
Festival team(adults)
Experienced soccer coaching in 5 countries.


Urawa Red Diamonds (J league 1) 2002.10-2008.1
U18,15 Coach / Heart-full Club Coach(community coach)
Kamatamare Sanuki(J league 2) 2008.2-2010.1
Top team Coach / Academy Directioner / National Sports Festival team HC
Vegalta Sendai(J league 1) 2010.2-2019.1
U18 Coach / U16,15,14 Head Coach
Tochigi City FC 2019.2-2021.1
Top team Coach / Curriculum developer for soccer coach


2001.4-2004.3, Master of Physical Education, International BUDO Univ. Chiba Skills
AFC, JFA ʻAʼ License (2009)
Expert Course Football Periodization(2018 World Football Academy)
Advanced Course Periodization in Football(2016 World Football Academy)
Teacherʼs License (2004 Physical Education